Sabine H. Schoenberg is the founder of, a rapidly growing company, which provides in depth information on home design and home goods based on Sabine’s vast product knowledge. Her many years of designing, building and selling high-end homes has made her an expert in the field.  Sabine’s website, consulting services, television appearances and articles are drawing critical praise.

Over the years, Sabine’s homes have received many accolades, such as being listed as one of the “Top 10 Homes around the World” in a leading European magazine. She has been featured on nationally syndicated television.  For more than 15 years, celebrities and affluent buyers from around the world have purchased Sabine’s exquisite homes.

Sabine’s passion for home design began at an early age.  She decorated and redecorated her room frequently, experimenting with layouts, colors and objects found in and around the village in Germany where Sabine grew up. She turned car seats into sofas, created unique light fixtures and, over the objections of her parents even dragged in heavy, industrial gears to create a sculptural installation above her bed. Her mother insisted that Sabine’s grandfather, an industrial engineer be called in to properly secure them on the wall to ensure they would not fall on her daughter while she slept.

Shortly after completing her Art & Design studies at Pratt Institute in New York City Sabine purchased an old farmhouse. Instead of unpacking the moving boxes she proceeded to gut floor after floor, solder pipes, install new electrical supplies and finish walls – herself. The paint had hardly dried when a passer-by asked to purchase the home. She was off to the next project and the rest is history.