Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

New Year’s resolutions show us one thing:  Areas in our lives where we want to do better.  IMPLEMENTATION of  our desires is the key ingredient.  One successful strategy…

Living a better life can start with improving the space around you. Take an honest and unforgiving look around your apartment, your home, your car – the spaces you occupy.

What does the space say?   What do you see?  Who lives there?

Once you have that picture and that statement defined, the next question is where do you start to make changes? How about right there – in those / your physical surroundings! In your HOME!

Here are some questions to help you:

(1) When you look at your physical environment, do you feel comfortable inviting over people this very moment?

- If not, what are you embarrassed about?

(2) Is there a project you have wanted to tackle for a while?

- Yes, and what stopped you? No money? Not enough time? What is your excuse?

You know it would make you feel so much better….

(3) Do you love where and how you live? Do you love waking up there? Are you happy?

Here are some easy to do – starting points in your kitchen, in your garage, in your garden, in your bath, on your patio, with lighting, at your entrance door (video).

- If the answer is truly “YES” chances are your home feels balanced and aligned. It supports your life.  That’s what some people call “soulful living”.  It can be yours!

Make a list of the things that stand in the way and simple take on one project after another.  As you tackle your physical environment, energies within you align as well. It is one way to manifest soul/spirit in your life.

As you improve the outer world something happens to your inner world and vis-a-versa.  It begins a powerful positive cycle.


      Discover  the Power of Home Improvement in your Life!

Wishing all a Happy and Fulfilled 2015!




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