The official start to hurricane season is less than one week away. Unlike tornadoes, which pull everything up from the ground with little warning, the damage from a hurricane comes from strong winds and water. And while we have seen first-hand how devastating these storms can be, there are things we can do ahead of time to minimize the risks and damage.

Sabine Schoenberg is a property management and home improvement expert, she shares storm preparation tips on the Morning Extra.

Four Storm Preparation Tips:

Prune your trees for storm preparation.
Make small improvements to draining and grading.
Consider a Permanent Generator
Be prepared for a power outage by working off of ‘cloud technology’ that lets you access your data from a remote location.
Look into money lending options before the storm hits so you are poised to rebuild quickly if need be:

• Secure a home equity loan – interest rates are as low as 3 ½ percent right now

• Extend your credit line on your credit cards – this should be easy if you have good credit.

• If credit is an issue, look into alternative lending sources that loan money within 72 hours with a repayment schedule based on a percentage of sales.

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