safe and so much easier to operate

It’s almost time to snuggle up in front of a fire again, which means to get fireplace details handled.   Yes, this is not the sexiest of topic but …it’s best to have a safe fireplace.  It starts with a fireplace screen – just in case a log rolls the wrong way just after you ran our of the room to get the phone….Murphy’s Law.

There are many fireplace screens and doors.  Some are hung on a track – we all know how those jam.  Others are separate and unattached.  Lifting them aside to attend to the fire is cumbersome.

Let my previous 1930 built home provide the answer:  A built-in fireplace screen that simply rolls up and out of the way like a window shade.  Simple divine!

After interviewing countless chimney sweeps and lot’s of research online I found one – only one! – company in Brooklyn NY that makes them- the Wm H Jackson Company.  They are custom made and expensive….but after having had one I say: treat yourself and your family to a built in fireplace screen!

cozy and safe home decor

cozy and safe home decor

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