…Electrical plugs – Since the inventions of Thomas Edison there have not really been any major technology breakthroughs.  Electrical house wiring has been the same wire, light switches, outlets protected by breaker boxes with current running constantly to plugs and switches backed up by breakers.  This standard is so established that homeowners don’t ever think about risks nor do they contemplate alternative solutions.  This may change in the very near future with “EFCI’s” – Electrical Fault Circuit Interrupters.

EFCI’s are sometimes called intelligent outlets because EFCIs register electrical devices and then turn on current.  In other words, current only runs when called for.  This reversal of current flow should prevent one of the leading causes of house fires: faulty wiring in combination with constantly present current.  No current – no fire

Young children who commonly want to stick their little fingers into outlets are also more protected since no current is present in the lines unless activated by a device. These are compelling reasons why insurance companies will likely demand the implementation of smart power outlets into building codes.

It is conceivable that EFCI technology will be an integral part of smart homes in America over the next 5-10 years. Homeowners with pending home improvement projects might want to get ahead of the curve, perhaps even ask their home insurance companies about policy discounts.

Homeowners have one more reason to adopt EFCI technology into their home building projects:  The very fact that electricity is only run on demand creates energy savings and it is this facet that makes EFCI’s important green building products.

Just think about the millions of homes, offices and industrial facilities that today are constantly drawing electricity – electricity that could be saved! Here is a more elaborate presentation by John LaGrou.  See for yourself!