A friend asked the other day “What is design?” “What does design do for me?”Great questions! Design deals with fundamental relationships among objects. Its goal is to find harmonious or pleasing and, I would add, enriching relationships.

In other words, design happens all the time. It happens every time we use an object, like

• put down the kitchen sink towel, or
• place file folders on a desk, or
• turn on a light to “highlight” a certain area of a room, or
• place bars of soap next to a sink – new or already in use

In other words, design does not begin nor end with a designer. Far from it: design happens every moment of our lives, as our bodies themselves are part of the many relationships. Design happens in big orchestrations like room designs and it also happens in the very smallest daily details – as in soap compositions.

Look at your environment with fresh eyes — are you happy with your daily designs? If, not play with it and discover new arrangements. Have fun with it!

good design happens everywhere - not just in a chair

good design happens everywhere not just in a chair

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