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Style is created by details, details and more details.  Take the shower: As we reported earlier, multiple showerheads, esp. square showerheads from Kohler created a new trend. Now add…. perhaps one of the most overlooked details – the drain.  New square drains with many different patterns and designs are the new rage. Newport Brass is just the latest to introduce square drains with decorative designs.    Check out the drain channels of ACO – from square drains to rectangular channels, they fit any size shower and any décor. A drain does not have to be a round shape in the middle of a shower…be creative!

Drain channels have been around in exterior installations for a long time.  New materials, patterns and finishes make give your shower a fresh new look and feel. The drain can have its own patterns or receive the same flooring material

Turn all functional parts of your shower into a design statement!  Use innovative products and designs to give your shower and bath a trendy update.

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