Curtains 003

Curtains – we all have them they so it could be a boring topic.  Not these…Curtains are decorative and functional. Functionally they do what they have always done for our homes – they provide privacy, help to dampen noise, especially with soundproof liners and they can be closed to keep a home cool during hot days and retain heat on cold winter days.

Curtains are common.  They are easy to find in home décor stores.   Many are custom made but do not look like stand out “works of art”.  Yet, curtains are a big visual statement in every room.

So why not break standard styles a bit?  Combine different materials, various layers and shapes? Be creative. Create something a little unexpected. Mix it up – don’t always have the same thing. Hope you will feel inspired by the curtain in this photo! It also includes an artist made tie-back! More on tie-backs and curtain rods to come….

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