Door Organizers

Spontaneous get-togethers are often the most fun. You want to host your guests with drinks and hors d’oeuvres which means you have to have provisions at the ready.  But – do you have room to store them?  Small kitchen spaces and tight apartments can make this a real challenge.  When I created this storage solution I didn’t realize just how perfect it is.  I cannot image life without itWhile I have remodeled several kitchens over the years it was only when we moved into NYC that I focused on making maximum use of every storage option. Apartment living forces one to reach for every creative storage solution possible. I am so happy with this simple and most effective solution that I would love the world to know about it: baskets mounted on the back of a door.

It is a do-it-yourself home improvement project with tremendous pay-off. We purchased inexpensive storage bins from the Container Store. Now everything is visible and in easy reach. I am surprised the Container Store does not show our type storage “creation” on their site.

How many items would you guess are stored here? Answer: usually around 80-90…I just counted them and am surprised about the number of items myself. I would have guessed around half as many items.

Bottom line: What started as a challenge turned into the best home improvement idea.  I so much prefer our back-of-the-door storage bins to corner lazy Susan configurations in previous kitchens.


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