Energize your body in the morning & create romantic sound stages for a perfect bath at night. How? Start and end your day with your favorite soundtracks.  You might say “I do not have a music system in my bath…”.


That can and should change with the  brand new JBL Flip speakerThe sound quality is phenomenal!


This little 6” speaker lays down or stands up.  It is bluetooth connected to your smartphone. So unless you recharge it, JBL Flip operates wirelessly for about 3 hours.


When the JBL Flip is connected to your phone answer phone calls, skype and facetime calls through the Flip as well.  Good bye to poor quality phone hands-free speakers. What a difference.


The Flip is downright “cute”.  Bathrooms especially rarely have enough counter space so this small unit is perfect. And all of that for $99.00 – simply the perfect Holiday gift!

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