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Fencing – Healthy & Peace of Mind

Green Building Products looking to the Stars-“SOLAR STARs”

Green Building Products looking to the Stars-“SOLAR STARs”

It’s summer – it’s hot around the United States. What could be greener than lowering your cooling costs during the summer? Start with the basics….exhaust the heat under your roof.

Climb into your attic in the middle of the day and you know why I am addressing this issue.   Add in solar and installation is super easy.
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July 4th Fireworks without Bug Bites nor Chemical Sprays

July 4th Fireworks without Bug Bites nor Chemical Sprays

Bug bite free backyard fun.  Bug bite free firework watching….without nasty sprays nor chemicals on your skin – living organically and healthfully.  What is it?….. Read More…

Life Changing Father’s Day Gift

Some Home Improvement projects are gender based. Think of the man-cave, wine cellar, wood working shop and… you guessed it a “garage fit for a King”.

It’s simpler than you think.  See for yourself!


It’s wonderful when you can acknowledge someone you love by giving him/her something truly meaningful – Improving your home in ways that improve your life is the ticket to success!

The power of Color

The power of Color

Color is such an important element in home design.  It’s the right touch…. Read More…

Organic Gardening - Timing Matters

Organic Gardening – Timing Matters

Shrubs and trees have different times they like to be trimmed or pruned. General rule of thumb: Read More…

Hardware to express Your Personality

Hardware to express Your Personality

Start you spring clean up with sprucing up the room you spend most of your time in:  your kitchen. Most homeowners think of hardware in their kitchens and baths as purely functional pulls and knobs.  There are so many on the market  today across many different price points.  Most are “nice” but generally boring.  But they don’t need to be…. Read More…

"Pex" to the Rescue

“Pex” to the Rescue

Building materials are such an important part of “healthy house” and “healthy living”. We buy bottled water because we know water quality is super important.  Consider the lines that the water you drink, cook with and shower in flow through. Read More…

Gardens are Calling

Gardens are Calling

It’s still too cold to working in the soil but it’s finally time to plan our gardens.  What kind of colors should you give your garden this year? What kind of annuals are you going to select? Are you going to be adventurous? Read More…

The New "Green" Air Filter

The New “Green” Air Filter

Most people would say  plants are nice to have in our homes.  This scientific measured approach will want you buy these three plants right away….. Read More…

Smart Locks - Pros & no Cons only different Features

Smart Locks – Pros & no Cons only different Features

Basic, and even so-called high-security locks are really not that safe! Most of us have been living with a false sense of security.   See also my LinkedIn Influencer article AND check out these smart locks… Read More…

Mix Modern with "Cabin Look"

Mix Modern with “Cabin Look”

Pinterest is filled with these cool wood wall accents.  Here is the product. Here is how you do it… Read More…